Monday, May 09, 2016

enough already

On a Monday when there's very little other news, the internet has been transformed into "All Trump all the time."

I don't plan to read any of it, and won't write another word about him until after the big erection in November.

I've had enough of the antics of this counterfeit presidential candidate. I don't know what the American journo establishment is thinking,
but by devoting all these pixels to the Trumpovitch, they're showing themselves 2 B as used up and irrelevant as the politicians they cover.

Today we see the prices of all commodities
including oil and precious metals slipping a little, but not enough to cause concern. No news is good news, of course, but when you can't escape this 
Great Puckered Asshole even on the finance page, it's time 2 pack it in for a while.

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