Wednesday, May 11, 2016

grils 'n' the hood

She looked almost pouty/butthurty when defending her BFF Hillary, who's been getting ganged-up-on by all these evil politicians such as the T****-monster or big, mean Uncle Bernie at the same time.

But Mrs. Alan Greenspan, AKA Andrea Mitchell got no sympathy from said grouchy old Nuncle, who in so many words told her where she might more appropriately put her sympathy. "Don't moan to me about Hillary Clinton's problems" was his perfect rejoinder to the tears of this suffering elitist, for if Mitchell represents NBC News, she represents the topmost .01% of US money even more; she is literally married to the American Brahmin Caste.

"Andrea, in every state we've won -- in 19 states -- we have had to take on the entire Democratic establishment," Sanders testifies just  before his "Don't moan" bombshell. If anyone could talk about being unfairly attacked in addition to being ignored, marginalized, and ridiculed by asses, it would be the man from Vermont. He doesn't want or need sympathy either, but he will get pissed if you keep hammering him with this butthurty shit long enough.

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