Thursday, May 12, 2016

history's victims

Spoze yr neighbor gets himself one of those tripod-mounted 50-calibre rifles that shoots an exploding slug bigger than yr thumb & sets it up behind the curtains in his front room.

Spoze you tell him y're a little nervous about him having a weapon like that locked & loaded in yr near vicinity, and he tells U, "Hey, don't worry about nothing, man, it''s purely 4 defensive purposes." Would U say "All, righty, then," and walk away?

I'd B more likely 2 remind my neighbor dude that WMD by definition cannot ever B for "defensive purposes only." l would also B at some pains remonstrate with him that IF his freedom to own a piece of mobile ordnance interferes with my freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then his freedom must and will go.  

This is essentially the nature of the conflict between Russia on one side and the US And EU on the other.  "These  are  Anti-Ballistic missile doodads we're setting up in Romania and Poland" says the US. "& we can't use em for offense,"

So, are these anti-massile installations a threat?  Does a bear live in the woods? Is the Pope Latino? Is a frog's bunghole water-tight? 

Considering recent (within the last 100 yrs)) history, how can the US can pull such a stunt without getting laughed out of the game?  Remember 1962-63, with its enraged discovery that the Red commie bastard Nikita Kruschev had missiles "Parked right on our doorstep, in Cuba!"?

I don't think I need to belabor the point with redundant explanation in order to make it clear.

It's just that some peeples have really inexcusably short memories.

photo: anti-American merchandise on sale at Chisinau, Moldova.

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