Friday, April 17, 2015

Пятница кошка блогов (pyatnitsa koshka blogov)

Sammy came home from the grooming parlor yesterday with her summer buzzcut. She doesn't like it, but she'll feel a lot better going into May and June.

Curled up in her chair she looks almost normal, except 4 her head, which now seems way 2 big for that skinny little body. A week ago she looked like this:

She appears to have shrunk by about 2/3, but in reality is simply without her typical Norwegian cat's overcoat.

The ladies at the parlour enjoy this annual ritual, and outdid themselves this time,  rendering my NFC into a little lion, with a hair clump at the end of the tail.
Here, as Sammy enjoys her freshly-catnipped  scratcher, you can see the total effect.

The overcoat remains on her face, the legs below the knees (but not the bottoms of the feet), and at the end of her tail. She's an old gal now, and her hind tits are sagging badly. 

Even cats have to obey the law of gravity. Yeah, I know, she's funny looking, but  It doesn't take 2 long to grow back, and I might have to get her buzzed again before high summer is here.

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