Wednesday, April 15, 2015


A Hogofogo, as I understand it, denotes a sort of rustic clown in some Balkan cultures, a bumpkin.

At least that's my impression. But it was also the name of the suave villain in "Lemonade Joe" -- the guy whose name sends a murmur of fear & admiration through the crowd in the saloon -- "Ho-go-FO-go?!"

Now, I'm not sure where this is going, but there's an antique unblog floating about in the ether called Hogofogo. the full citation is

And on this unblog one finds a single entry from AD 2006 entitled "Testovaci."

One wonders how many millions of these artifacts are out there floating in the ether. Somebody puts up a title and goes "testing, testing," before deciding this blogging thing isn't 4 him, and closing the door 4 ever.

& How many more blogs are winging about aimlessly with no posts -- ø, zip, none -- such as   ?

This is the stuff of internet archaeology -- not a shovel-ready science. It does raise some interesting questions, however.

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