Tuesday, April 14, 2015

z cowboy jeezny

I yam here, a cowboy in Arizona, on my wrench, planning a big old bar-B-Q.

It'll be more like sides and a little barbecue meat, than a big meat orgy. Meat is like a lot of tings in life, i. e., a little is good for us, but a lot causes problems.

Instead of tons of carné, we shall have baskets full of hot corn on the cob, a tub of cold potato salad, and pinto beans in bbq sauce, as well as fresh breads & corn tortillas, and a big bowl of pullpork. byob.

I think everybody could have a bangup time B-ing a cowboy in Arizona. It's really kind of a cowboy place. The Population here is amazingly fluid & transient; everyone you meet just got here last month. 

The weather is grate here. Lately it's been considerably wetter than California, & the desert about PHX muchas verdantes.

So don't even think about it no more. It's kind of a spooky end-of-days party happening out here on a very large beach far from the sea, if your humble narrator is not mistaken.

Every One who wants 2 change the world & has some idea what he or she wants 2 do, and is able 2 do about it should be in Arizona. I've seen the future, & it's here.

Could some One please bring a salad?

Drawing: "me big tuff stinky cowboy" by shansa

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